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Image by Olga Subach
Крупный план помидоры
Стебли пшеницы

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Organic fertilizer.
Organic fertilizer.

"BIOTECHORGANIC.SRL" - carries out the production of  organic fertilizer "BIOTECH".   

The use of BIOTECH products ensures an increase in the productivity of agricultural crops, with a significant

reduction of the use of mineral fertilizers and plant protection products, to the level of “BIO”.

The effectiveness of organic fertilizer is also achieved due to the content of microflora secreted by the earthworm itself, as well as by symbiotic microorganisms found in the intestines of the earthworm.


Vermicompost contains all the components of vermicompost: humates, fulvic acids, amino acids, vitamins, natural phytohormones, micro- and macroelements of the spore of soil microorganisms.

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