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Cultivation technology and proper feeding for sunflower.

1st Stage:  When dressing seeds before sowing. Germination increases by 10-12%. Use high quality seeds for sowing. Sowing depth 6-7 cm. With insufficient soil moisture 8-10 cm. At a soil temperature not lower than + 6 ° C .. + 8 ° C. We recommend the BIOTECH liquid fertilizer containing the whole range of micro and macroelements, phytohormones, amino acids, plant vitamins, fulvic acids, increasing immunity (to unfavorable weather conditions / diseases, through protective film-forming substances), seed energy, water retention (through the salt of humic acids), and yield as the seeds directly absorb nutrients. Thus, a favorable microflora is formed. Dose for solution preparation: 1 liter. liquid fertilizer "BIOTECH" for 10 liters - 15 liters of water.  

2nd Stage: Fertilization of the soil before sowing. Increase in yield by 5-8%. If fertilizers were not added to the soil for plowing in the fall, this can be done in the spring. Top dressing is aimed at the germination of strong seedlings, the speed of development of the root system and the penetration of roots to great depths. Increasing immunity to diseases, stimulating early development, improving tillering. Fertilizer is applied before cultivation. After cultivation, soil aeration is improved. Liquid fertilizer "BIOTECH" will provide seedlings with the necessary elements in an easily accessible form: nitrogen, potassium, boron - (the most important elements), which guarantee faster germination. Phosphorus - will contribute to the powerful development of the root system / will have a positive effect on the process of oil formation, nitrogen - will accelerate the growth of the green mass of the plant. Potassium - promotes photosynthesis. Boron - the growth of meristemic tissues in plants and growth points. Per 1 ha: 5L - 6L of liquid fertilizer "BIOTECH" for 400L - 500L of water, depending on soil fertility. The working solution is prepared immediately before application. Spray with the solution before cultivation in the morning / evening in calm weather.


3rd Stage: First foliar feeding. Increase in yield by 4-7%. Produced in the germination phase (1-2 leaves). With foliar feeding, food is absorbed 10 times more efficiently, directly through the foliar apparatus. Top dressing with liquid fertilizer "BIOTECH" is aimed at strengthening the immunity of seedlings, and transporting nutrients to the roots of plants. Also in order to prevent as much as possible the interference of pathogenic (harmful) microflora and some types of pests. Getting on the leaves of plants, the liquid part of the drug evaporates and a humus film is formed, which effectively protects the plant from pests and supplies food. For 1 hectare: 8 l-10 l of fertilizer for 400-500 l of water. Spray with the solution in the morning or in the evening at a temperature of min. + 8 ° C max. + 20 ° C.


4th Stage: Second foliar feeding. Increase in yield by 4-7%. Produced in the phase of 3 - 4 pairs of true leaves. A good time to apply herbicides. In this case, fertilizers can be used together with herbicides - it works as an anti-stress agent (relieving stress from the crop). If there are no caveats in the herbicide regulations. In this phase, the stem grows and the baskets are set. Top dressing is aimed at stimulating the growth of horses and stems - (phosphorus, manganese, zinc, boron), as well as the growth of the leaf apparatus and an increase in photosynthesis - (manganese, zinc, copper). Per 1 ha: 8-10 liters of liquid fertilizer "BIOTECH" per 500 liters of water, depending on the fertility of the soil. It is better to spray with a solution in the morning or in the evening at a temperature of min. + 8 ° C max + 20 ° C. Since the plant in this case assimilates the fertilizer better.


5th Stage: Third foliar feeding. The yield increases by 4-7%. It is carried out with an interval of 10-14 days after the 4th stage (phase of 7-8 leaves). Top dressing is aimed at the development of flower rudiments, the development of the taproot and the aboveground part of the sunflower. Zinc - increases the total content of carbohydrates, protein substances, regulates the synthesis of ATP. Manganese - participates in the redox reactions of respiration, helps the absorption of nitrogen. Some of the easily available trace elements are assimilated through the leaves, while the other goes directly into the soil and is assimilated by the roots. For 1 hectare: 8l-10l of liquid fertilizer "BIOTECH" for 400l - 500l of water, depending on the fertility of the soil.


Spraying with a solution is better in the morning or in the evening at a temperature of min. + 8 ° C max + 20 ° C

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