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The new BIO technology is not an increase in the number of seedlings per hectare, but the receipt of consistently high yields and high-quality environmentally friendly products resulting from the correct and carefully balanced nutrition of the planted walnut seedlings, due to the improvement of the tree's immune system. Only healthy, strong trees can bear a good harvest, and it is required to fulfill simple conditions. All this can be achieved only with the help of organic farming, to ensure the accumulation of humus as a carrier of fertility.


Treatment of seedlings and soil before planting: The seedlings for planting must be healthy, well developed. It is better to plant walnuts in autumn, since the root system of walnuts is very sensitive to low temperatures, so it is very important to choose a time for planting when the soil warms up well and the average daily temperature is more than + 10 ° C. Trees are planted in holes, the size of which depends on the size of the root system of the planting material, but at least 70 cm deep and wide. In all cases, the depth of the hole should be 30-40 cm longer than the length of the root system. When planting, the hole is half covered with a universal substrate "BIOTECH" "vermicompost" (since the nut has a unique root system, on which symbiotic fungi live, providing the tree with all the necessary mineral and organic substances). Then they add earth to the top layer and tamp it slightly. Then the planted trees are abundantly watered with liquid BIOTECH fertilizer in the ratio of 1 liter of fertilizer to 50 liters of water. To prevent the soil from drying out and opening, the planting site should be mulched with a layer of BIOTECH universal substrate “vermicompost”. by 2-3 cm. 12-15 days after planting, the near-stem circle of the seedling is abundantly watered with liquid BIOTECH fertilizer (1 liter of fertilizer per 50 liters of water). Thus, watering the seedling is an important factor on which the future health of the tree depends. A good filling of the planting pit will provide the walnut with the necessary substances for the next 2-3 years. In autumn, before wintering, it is recommended to fertilize the soil with a universal substrate “BIOTECH” “vermicompost”, around the trunk within a radius of 20 cm from it, with a substrate thickness of 5-7 cm. This will have a beneficial effect on the roots of the seedlings (retaining heat and moisture for the best wintering). Thus, during the entire winter period, the tree is supplied with all the necessary nutrients. This procedure must be carried out before each wintering, increasing the radius as the roots and trunk of the tree grow (by 5-10 cm), while simultaneously increasing the layer of the universal substrate. For root soaking - 1 liter of liquid BIOTECH fertilizer for 10 liters - 15 liters of water. Leave on for 30 minutes - 3 hours.


Fertilizer "BIOTECH" can be used together with fungicides, insecticides, herbicides and pesticides. If there are no prescriptions in the regulations of these drugs. Foliar feeding is carried out when at least 50% of the leaf apparatus is ripe. The older the crop, the higher the rate of irrigation and fertilization. Good care is needed in the first three years after disembarkation. Fertilizing trees pursues such goals as strengthening intensive growth, improving yields and increasing their resistance to external factors. During the next 3 years, 3-4 spring-summer watering is done. Seasonal processing of trees (foliar feeding) is carried out once every 7-10 days, with a solution of "BIOTECH" in a concentration of 1 liter of liquid fertilizer per 100 liters of water. The greatest need for irrigation is in June and July, when there is an intensive growth of fruits and the generative organs of the future harvest are laid. Starting from 4 - 5 years, seasonal processing of trees (foliar feeding) is carried out every 15 days, the irrigation rate is increased. 1 liter of liquid fertilizer per 100 liters of water. Regular use of effective microorganisms allows you to fully use the nutrient potential of the soil, and in combination with oxygen and water, ensure the proportional development of walnut trees, a balance between beneficial and pathogenic microorganisms, and improve the immune system of trees. With full fruiting, the processing of trees (foliar feeding) is carried out every 15 days. 1 liter of liquid fertilizer per 100 liters of water.


The developed biotechnology makes it possible to obtain environmentally friendly products and is used in all branches of agriculture. Observing all the prescriptions, you can get an increase in yield from 10 to 20%.

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