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1st Stage: Seed and seedling care. There are 2 technologies for growing zucchini - seedlings or seeds. In both cases, in order to accelerate seed germination and obtain friendly shoots, the seeds must be processed before planting. Soaking in a solution containing micro and macro elements and a growth biostimulator directly enriches the seeds, strengthens the immune system and promotes their accelerated growth. Dose for soaking in liquid solution "BIOTECH": 1 liter of fertilizer for 10 - 15 liters of water. Solution temperature + 50 ° С .. + 55 ° С, and air temperature + 22-25 ° С. The seeds are soaked for 4-5 hours for better impregnation and assimilation of substances, then they are left in a warm, humid place for 3-4 days. Seedling method: the process of planting seeds in a container (0.5 l) with soil to a depth of about 2 cm and watering with warm water follows. For planting in containers, the universal substrate "BIOTECH" "vermicompost" (regulating and retaining the required percentage of moisture and feeding the root system) is placed on the bottom of the container (7-10 cm). This is necessary, since the seedlings will get strong enough before diving. The substrate enhances immunity and reduces plant transplant stress. Watering should be done with warm water / solution and only at the root. The first feeding of seedlings is carried out two weeks after germination, the second - 7-10 days after the first. For top dressing, we recommend the liquid fertilizer "BIOTECH", containing the micro and macro elements necessary at these stages in the proportions of 10 g of fertilizer per 10 l of water. If zucchini has 2-3 leaves and at the age of 25-30 days, the plants are transplanted into the ground. Application of the universal “BIOTECH” substrate to the well before planting improves and maintains the structure of the soil, it is enriched with nutrients, which directly affects fertility. The substrate is introduced in a ratio of 8-10 liters per sq / m - it improves the survival rate and levels the stress received during the pick, strengthens the root system. When planting zucchini seedlings in open ground, watering is required (1-2 liters of water per plant). Root top dressing of the soil is done 3 times during the growing season.


2nd Stage: First root dressing after planting in the ground. Fertilizing zucchini is carried out 2 weeks after transplanting. By this time, the roots of the seedlings will adapt to the soil and begin to actively absorb nutrients from the soil. Top dressing is aimed at the development of green mass and root system, saturates the soil with beneficial microorganisms. A particularly important stage, since during this period the laying of the crop takes place. The solution is prepared in proportions of 10 g of fertilizer per 1 liter of (required) warm water (at least + 25 ° C).


3rd Stage: Second root dressing. During the flowering period, an increase in the amount of sugar and vitamins in the plant is carried out. The BIOTECH liquid solution is prepared in a proportion of 10 g of fertilizer per 10 liters of water. It is applied directly to the roots. The time of the procedure is chosen in the evening so that the solution does not evaporate under the influence of direct sunlight, but is absorbed by the tissues of the leaves and stem.


4th Stage: Third feeding. Fertilizing zucchini during the ripening period has a direct effect on the taste and quality of the crop and helps to increase the yield. During fruiting, foliar feeding is also provided. It is recommended to spray the leaves 2 times. Once at the beginning of fruit ripening, the second after 2 weeks. To obtain an aqueous solution for spraying, 10 g of BIOTECH is dissolved in 10 l of water. 5 sq. meters of beds consume 1 liter of liquid.


5th Stage: Harvesting: you need to start when the first fruits have reached the desired size. Watering stops 7 days before cutting. This technique allows you to make the taste of the fruit more intense, not watery. Care must be taken when harvesting, the skin of young fruits is prone to damage and scratches. We offer modern technology for growing vegetables and berries in greenhouses all year round. By replacing a 20 cm soil layer with a universal substrate "BIOTECH" "vermicompost" or by sprinkling a layer of the same thickness on top, thereby warming the soil. The effect is achieved due to the heat-insulating properties of the substrate, which will maintain the optimal temperature for the roots of plants and nourish the heated soil with all the necessary micro and macro elements. It is also imperative to maintain a constant air temperature of + 22 ° C .. + 24 ° C.


In this way, vegetables and berries can be grown in winter.

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