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1st Stage: Presowing treatment of potatoes. For pre-planting treatment of tubers, growth stimulants, trace elements and insectofungicidal preparations are used. The most effective trace elements are copper, zinc, boron, molybdenum and manganese. All these microelements are contained in the complex liquid fertilizer "BIOTECH" with a growth biostimulator. To protect tubers from soil pests, as well as various fungal and bacterial rot, they must be treated with insectofungicidal preparations before planting. In this case, the liquid solution "BIOTECH" can be used together with insecticides, this will protect the tubers, nourish them directly with the necessary substances, which will increase germination and ensure a strong and healthy start. The solution is prepared at the rate of 1 liter of liquid fertilizer per 10 liters of water. The potatoes should be soaked for 20 minutes and then left to dry. The procedure is carried out immediately before sowing or the day before.


2nd Stage: Tillage. Pre-treatment ensures: no compaction for the unimpeded development of the root system; loose soil structure; even distribution around the entire perimeter of fertilizers; the earliest possible release of weeds for their removal by mechanical methods; creating optimal ridges for planting; creates good conditions for mechanical harvesting of crops without damage and provides the soil with moisture. Immediately upon landing, you should dig up the area to the full depth of the shovel bayonet and level it. High-quality soil preparation provides for the introduction of fertilizers. Universal substrate "BIOTECH" "vermicompost", will increase soil aeration and also provide moisture retention, which is necessary for the root system of potatoes and aboveground mass. 10 liters of substrate per 1 m². Distribute evenly over the entire area and cover with earth after no more than 5 hours.


3rd Stage: Introduction of the first dressings. Root. This type of feeding is usually done before hilling the bushes, after lightly loosening, so that the components of the nutrient mixtures can more easily get to the roots of the plant. After fertilization, you should always water the plantings abundantly. For the first root feeding, 50 g of liquid fertilizer per 10 liters of water. Grooves are spilled between the rows of potatoes. Foliar: allows you to bring nutrition directly to the plant itself. It is best done during the germination phase, after weeding the potatoes, in the evening so as not to burn the leaves. This method of feeding allows food to quickly enter the plant organism, and activate metabolic processes in it, significantly spurring its growth, development of the root system and, significantly, improving the quality and quantity of the crop. Foliar top dressing with a liquid solution "BIOTECH" in a ratio of 10 g of fertilizer diluted in 10 liters of water will provide the plant with rapidly assimilable nutrients and create a humus film on the leaf surface that protects the plant from external pathogenic microflora.


4th Stage: Second foliar dressing: when the bush begins to form and grow tubers. To increase the yield, it is necessary to feed the potatoes with complex fertilizers. To do this, we recommend treatment with a liquid solution "BIOTECH" at the rate of 15 g of fertilizer per 10 liters of warm water, since the plant absorbs from the solution the necessary micro and macro elements for the formation of large tubers. This is facilitated by: potassium, phosphorus, boron - (so that voids do not form in the tubers), manganese - will improve the taste and increase the sugar content of the product.


5th Stage: Third foliar dressing: You need to fertilize the potatoes for the last time three weeks before digging out the tubers. Root crops will be enriched with nutrients and vitamins necessary for long-term storage and improving the taste of the final harvest. 15 g of liquid fertilizer per 10 liters of water. In all cases, treatments against the Colorado potato beetle must be combined with foliar feeding. Liquid fertilizer "BIOTECH" can be used together with insecticides, fungicides, preparations against the Colorado potato beetle (in combination, the fertilizer enhances their effect, and, if used with herbicides, relieves stress from the soil at all stages of development). simple rules: - Spray in dry, calm weather. - In case of frost, it is better to postpone foliar feeding of potatoes for several days. - It is better to do spraying early in the morning or in the evening at sunset. - Spraying potatoes should be in small droplets so that the food is absorbed faster and better.

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