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1st Stage: Preparing the soil. Cucumbers grow best on light, humus-rich soil types. Cucumber beds should always be weed-free. Cucumbers grow very well both indoors and outdoors. To fertilize the soil, the universal substrate "BIOTECH" "vermicompost" is applied at 20 liters per sq / m. It should be applied evenly, additionally watering with liquid fertilizer "BIOTECH" - this tool will saturate the soil with humus, which determines its fertility. The substrate acts as a regulator of soil moisture and temperature, contains potassium and phosphorus in an easily assimilated form, as well as a large amount of trace elements (magnesium, manganese, iron, sulfur, zinc, molybdenum).


2nd Stage: Preparation and sowing of seeds and seedlings. Preparation of cucumbers for sowing begins in a month. Cucumber seeds should first be soaked and germinated - this will speed up the emergence of seedlings. The seeds are soaked in liquid BIOTECH fertilizer in the ratio of 1 liter of fertilizer to 10 liters of water. Thus, the seeds will give the most amicable shoots, the plants will begin to bear fruit earlier and will produce less barren flowers. In prepared beds, you can plant both seedlings and sprouted seeds. On the eve of planting, the plants are sprayed with a solution to increase their immunity and increase survival rate. To keep the rows even, the plants are planted along a cord. On the day of planting cucumber seedlings or sowing seeds, holes or trenches are made on the beds, the depth of which is about 30 cm, 5 liters of the universal substrate "BIOTECH" "vermicompost" are placed on the bottom of the hole. The seeds should be lowered into the soil with their nose up to a depth of 4 cm. The sprout will appear from the blunt end of the seed. Bending in the ground and rushing upward, it will peel off its skin and jump out onto the surface with clean cotyledon leaves. We put the seeds in the holes, and plant the seedlings vertically, sprinkle them with soil on top and tamp them slightly. After planting, the plants are watered and sprinkled with a thin layer of peat. Carefully plant seedlings in greenhouse beds: the stem cannot be deeply buried or tilted. Water the plant so that the water reaches the depth of the roots, 3 liters of ready-made solution is used per 1 sq / m (30 g of liquid BIOTECH fertilizer per 3 liters of water). For planting seedlings, the plant must have 3-4 true leaves.


3rd Stage: Watering cucumbers: Watering for cucumbers is perhaps the most important process. Caring for cucumbers in greenhouses and in open ground consists of watering and dressing. For greenhouses, mandatory ventilation every 2 hours after watering, they dramatically activate fruiting and, in addition, are environmentally friendly. The optimum temperature for good development of cucumbers is between + 25 ° C + 30 ° C. Watering is carried out with a warm solution (+ 15 ° C + 20 ° C). Cucumbers are moisture-loving; therefore, the ground under them must be kept moist. Watering is carried out with a ready-made solution in the amount of 5-10 liters per sq / m. After each watering, the soil must be loosened until the rows close. You need to loosen only 3-4 cm, since the root system of cucumbers is shallow. Due to periodic loosening, evaporation of moisture from the surface of the earth is reduced, oxygen enters the earth better, which will have a positive effect on photosynthesis. For irrigation, we offer liquid fertilizer "BIOTECH" as cucumbers need nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, and at the time of fruiting, potassium, nitrogen and magnesium are required, which are part of the fertilizer in an easily digestible form. The first feeding should be carried out even after the first thinning of the seedlings (and for seedlings - during its growing). Cucumbers should be watered before flowering - every 6-8 days, during fruiting - every 3-4 days. Cucumbers need help to build up the root system. Flowers on cucumbers appear early, when the plant is not ready for normal fruiting; therefore, it is better to remove early flowers and shoots of 1 leaves. Side shoots should also be removed. Air humidity and watering are especially important for cucumbers during active growth and fruit formation. Even a short-term drying out of the soil during fruit formation leads to the appearance of bitterness in cucumbers, which then cannot be eliminated by any watering.


4th Stage: Harvesting: During the beginning of fruiting, you will need to pick cucumbers every 2 days, and with abundant fruiting - every day. Constant harvesting will avoid delays in fruiting, as well as increase the volume and quality of the crop. Harvesting is best done early in the morning. At this time, zelents contain more moisture. We offer new modern technology for growing vegetables and berries in greenhouses all year round. By replacing a 20 cm soil layer with a universal substrate "BIOTECH" "vermicompost" or by sprinkling a layer of the same thickness on top, thereby warming the soil. The effect is achieved due to the heat-insulating properties of the substrate, which will maintain the optimal temperature for the roots of plants and nourish the heated soil with all the necessary micro and macro elements. It is also imperative to maintain a constant air temperature of + 22 ° C ... + 24 ° C.


In this way, vegetables and berries can be grown in winter.

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