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Spring rape


Cultivation technology and proper feeding for winter rapeseed


1st Stage: When dressing seeds before sowing. Germination increases by 10-12% . Sowing should be done early, when the soil is physically maturing, in early spring. The temperature regime of the soil at the depth of the seeds should be + 5 ° C .. + 8 ° C. The optimum seeding depth is 2-3 cm. If, at this moisture depth, it is not enough to increase the depth to 4 cm. High-quality sowing of rapeseed is the main method of the agrotechnical chain, during which the future harvest is laid. Etching with liquid fertilizer "BIOTECH" is carried out immediately before application, together with insecticides and fungicides, as the seeds receive additional immunity at an early stage (which improves germination), micro and macro elements are absorbed, which increases the energy of the seeds, and accordingly contributes to the receipt of friendly and simultaneous germination. For the treatment of 1 ton of seeds, 2-3 liters are used. "BIOTECH".


2nd Stage: Fertilizing the soil before sowing. Increases productivity by 5-8%. In the germination phase - the formation of a rosette of leaves, this culture requires a good supply of nutrients to the soil. First of all, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, as well as microelements (during the formation of seeds) boron, manganese, molybdenum, zinc and sulfur. A good supply of phosphorus promotes seed and root formation, increased resistance and accelerated maturation. The soil cultivation system is aimed at maintaining moisture and leveling the soil. For soil fertilization, a liquid fertilizer "BIOTECH" is recommended containing micro and macro elements, salts of humic acids providing moisture retention, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, sulfur, boron, manganese, in an easily accessible form. Per 1 ha: 8 l - 10 l of liquid fertilizer "BIOTECH" for 500 l - 600 l of water, depending on the soil quality.


3rd Stage: Seedlings and the first foliar feeding. The yield increases by 4-7%. It is produced when cotyledon leaves appear above the soil surface, which are further straightened. 1-3 true leaves appear. At this stage, the seedlings need moisture, this contributes to the establishment of a larger number of nodes and lateral buds of the stem. Top dressing (providing an even distribution of nutrients when applied) is aimed at strengthening the seedlings, an additional impulse for the development of the root system and the aboveground mass through: salts of humic acids - providing moisture retention, molybdenum - the plant needs to assimilate nitrogen and form protein, magnesium is necessary to regulate the energetic balance and metabolism, phosphorus - affecting the seed yield and resistance to adverse conditions. The working solution is prepared immediately before application. For 1 hectare: consumption - 8-10 liters of liquid fertilizer "BIOTECH" for 400-500 liters of water. Spray in the morning or evening at a temperature of min. + 8 ° C max. + 20 ° C.


4th Stage: Second foliar feeding. Increases productivity by 4-7%. It is sprayed in the phase of 4-6 leaves. The period from the emergence of seedlings to the formation of a leaf rosette is quite long. During this time, the total number of leaves and internodes of the stem is laid, and the root system also develops. A suitable phase for the introduction of herbicides, in this case, combined use with the liquid fertilizer "BIOTECH" will give an anti-stress effect. If there are no caveats in the herbicide regulations. In combination with fungicides and insecticides, it enhances their action, as it is a good adherent. Foliar dressing helps the plant to form a strong root system, to increase the aboveground mass (for better photosynthesis) through potassium, magnesium and sulfur. On 1ha 8 -10 liters of liquid «BIOTECH» fertilizer per 500l of water. Spray in the morning or evening at a temperature of min. + 8 ° C max. + 20 ° C.


5th Stage: Third foliar feeding. Increases productivity by 4-7%. It is sprayed in the stalking phase (exit into the tube). When the height of the plants increases to 25 cm, branching begins. Thanks to its deeply penetrating root system, rapeseed uses phosphates not only from the arable, but also from the subsurface horizons of the soil. The roots have a phosphate-mobilizing ability and can assimilate immobile soil phosphates. Fertilizing with liquid BIOTECH fertilizer provides the rape plant with the necessary microelements (part of the fertilizer goes to the leaves, and part to the soil), since the further development and growth of rape occurs at a faster pace, and there is an intensive increase in the vegetative mass. For 1 hectare: 8-10 liters of liquid fertilizer "BIOTECH" for 400 liters - 500 liters of water, depending on the soil quality.


It is better to spray with a solution in the morning or in the evening at a temperature not exceeding + 20 ° C. Since the plant in this case assimilates the fertilizer better.

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