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Apple tree


Fertilizers for the planting pit. In the first year, the apple tree will not need top dressing, provided that the planting hole has been dug and filled correctly. For planting, a universal substrate "BIOTECH" is laid at the bottom of the planting pit, containing the whole range of micro- and macroelements: (agroperlite, peat, humus, black soil, and a biostimulator of growth). It is a ready-to-use mixture that provides nutrition, retains moisture, heat, improves aeration, structure and soil fertility.


Scheme of feeding for an apple tree. For further stages of foliar feeding of trees older than 3 years, we offer liquid fertilizer "BIOTECH" as it contains the whole complex of micro- and macroelements necessary for an apple tree (nitrogen, iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, boron, etc.), as well can be used in conjunction with herbicides (works as an antistressant) if there are no prescriptions in the regulations of herbicides, and in combination with fungicides, insecticides, it enhances their effect, since it is a good adherent. Reduces the risk of morbidity and strengthens the immune system of apple trees.


Spring. First foliar feeding. Falls in early May. When the leaf cover of the tree is at least 50%. It activates vegetative processes in trees. Stimulates the growth of leaves and shoots, increases frost resistance, against temperature extremes, enhances the action of fungicides. The solution is prepared in a ratio of 1: 100 (1 liter of fertilizer per 100 liters of water).


Second foliar feeding during flowering. Improves pollen fertility. When the leaves grow, it is through them that the tree absorbs the flavoring substances, and then transports them to the roots. Which is very important at this stage. The solution is prepared in a ratio of 1: 100 (1 liter of liquid fertilizer per 100 liters of water).


The third dressing after flowering (in the phase of fruit filling). Increases fruit set, improves absorption of nutrients. That will further affect the yield and quality of the fruit. The solution is prepared in a ratio of 1: 100 (1 liter of liquid fertilizer per 100 liters of water).


Summer. Foliar dressing is carried out at intervals of 7-14 days. Top dressing is aimed at continuing the intensive growth of shoots and the formation of the ovary of the current crop. Increases the efficiency of plant protection products processing. Stimulates the growth of the leaf apparatus. The trees are fed after the physiological process of ovary shedding, helps the fruit to fill up with juice and increase their size, increases the dry matter content, improves palatability, reduces the content of nitrates, and relieves temperature stress. The solution is prepared in a ratio of 1: 100 (1 liter of liquid fertilizer per 100 liters of water).


It is very important to remember! A month before the fruit ripens, it is necessary to stop feeding. Autumn. After the leaves fall. In the near-stem circle, along the diameter of the crown, the universal substrate "BIOTECH" is scattered, in a layer of at least 5 cm in height and 20 cm in width, which will help to provide the roots with warmth and nutrients for the entire winter period and protect the roots from frost. This procedure must be carried out before each wintering, increasing the radius as the roots and trunk of the tree grow, while simultaneously increasing the layer of the universal substrate. Observing all stages of the prescription, you can get an increase in yield from 10 to 20%.

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