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Cultivation technology and proper feeding for soybeans.


1st Stage: When dressing seeds before sowing. Germination increases by 10-12%. The soil in the plots must be well cleared of weeds, since in the development stage, the seedlings are inhibited under the influence of weeds. Sowing seeds is done in early spring. Soybeans are planted at a soil temperature of + 10 ° C .. + 15 ° C. When sowing soybeans at the optimal time, the best conditions are created for weed control, a set of agrotechnical techniques and the best development of plants. The optimum seeding depth is 4-6 cm. The optimum plant density is no more than 700,000 thousand / ha. Use high quality seeds for sowing. To increase the field germination of seeds, before sowing, they are treated against bacterial and fungal diseases with preparations containing nitrogen-fixing bacteria (inaculants). The combination of these preparations with the liquid fertilizer "BIOTECH" will contribute to an increase in the energy of seed germination, and will provide the plant with micro- and macroelements for the entire growing season, and the seedlings will appear a few days earlier. The optimal sowing time, combined with the correct seeding depth and taking into account their sowing qualities, allows you to get friendly and full seedlings, good plant development and a high grain yield. For the treatment of 1 ton of seeds: 2-3 liters. liquid fertilizer "BIOTECH", for 10-15 liters of water.


2nd Stage: Fertilizing the soil before sowing. Increases productivity by 5-8%. To obtain high yields of soybeans, the most suitable are cultivated, humus-rich and well-fertilized, loose, easily heated soils. The introduction of liquid fertilizer "BIOTECH" into the soil will saturate the soil with macro- and microelements in chelated form necessary for soy: phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, sulfur, zinc, molybdenum. In symbiosis with nodule bacteria, it increases the heat and drought resistance of soybeans, accelerates the chemical processes in the plant - the formation of protein, fat, sugars. Per 1 ha: 5L - 6L of liquid fertilizer "BIOTECH" for 400L - 500L of water, depending on soil fertility. After cultivating seeds in the soil, they receive the necessary readily available elements for the entire growing season / aeration is improved. The working solution is prepared immediately before application. Spray with the solution before cultivation in the morning or evening (min. + 8 ° C, max. + 20 ° C).


3rd Stage: First foliar feeding. Increases productivity by 4-7%. Produced 3-4 days after planting the beans. If there are weeds after sowing, it is recommended to cultivate the row spacing with cultivators. It also affects the formation of nodules on the roots of plants, which fix nitrogen better under aerobic conditions, or treatment with fungicides and insecticides in combination with liquid fertilizer "BIOTECH" (it will enhance their effect, as it is a good adhesive). This dressing strengthens the immunity of seedlings, and improves the transport of nutrients to the roots of plants, prevents the interference of pathogenic microflora and some types of pests. For 1 hectare: 8 l-10 l of liquid fertilizer for 400-500 l of water. Spray in the morning or evening at a temperature of min. + 8 ° C max. + 20 ° C.


4th Stage: Second foliar feeding. Increases productivity by 4-7%. In the phase of the formation of the 3rd leaf. In the formation of the trigeminal leaf, the active formation of the root system occurs. If there is a need for herbicide treatment, the BIOTECH liquid fertilizer will relieve stress from the crop (antistressant). If there are no caveats in the herbicide regulations. And also feeding is aimed at improving the utilization rate of nutrients contained in the soil, drought resistance and water retention through the salt of humic acids. For 1 hectare: 8-10 liters of liquid fertilizer per 500 liters of water. Spray in the morning or evening at a temperature of min. + 8 ° C max. + 20 ° C.


5th Stage: Third foliar feeding. Yield increase by 4-7%. In the phase of 5-7 leaves before flowering. Top dressing is aimed at vigorous development of the root system, the accumulation of nutrients in the leaves and the formation of the first flowers. Elongation of internodes, which leads to increased branching and, accordingly, better attachment of beans, replenishment of nutrients that will improve flowering and pollination. For 1 hectare: 8 - 10 liters of liquid fertilizer "BIOTECH" for 400 liters - 500 liters of water, depending on the soil.


It is better to spray with a solution in the morning or in the evening at a temperature not exceeding + 20 ° C.

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