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1st Stage: Sowing seeds. The seed is soaked before planting. The process takes 16-18 hours at a temperature of + 22 ° C. The solution is prepared for 10 liters of water - 1 liter of liquid fertilizer "BIOTECH", after which the seeds should be removed from the solution. Processing in micro- and macroelements with a growth biostimulator - will accelerate seed germination. Being absorbed into the seeds, the drug supplies the elements necessary for their growth and development to the sprouts. Swollen seeds are sown directly into prepared boxes or separate seedling pots. Sow them in boxes about 5-8 cm high, while the soil should consist of peat. We recommend the universal substrate "BIOTECH" "vermicompost" as it is rich in organic matter, retains moisture and strengthens the root system. Pour the soil into containers, compact and divide into 1.5 cm furrows, sprinkle with warm BIOTECH solution (100 g of solution per 10 l of water) (+ 22 ° C) then the seeds are placed in the light so that the seedlings grow faster, after 4 days the boxes are covered film.


2nd Stage: Dive seedlings. When 2 true leaves appear, somewhere on the 6-8th day after germination, it is time to dive. Each plant is removed from the common box along with the substrate lump and transplanted into containers with a larger capacity. In new boxes, the seedlings will be no more than 50 days, their height reaches the order of 30-35 cm.Water the seedlings 2-3 times, at the root: the first time - when 2-3 true leaves are formed on young plants, the second once - a week later and a third time with a frequency of 10-12 days after the second feeding. For each watering -10 liters of solution. Liquid fertilizer "BIOTECH" should be diluted with water at a temperature of +20 .. + 22 ° C (100 g of fertilizer per 10 liters of water). Flip the plants to the light on different sides daily. Temper the plants 10 days before planting in the greenhouse. It is important that the soil is always moistened during hardening so that the seedlings do not wither.


3rd Stage: Planting seedlings at a permanent place. It is necessary to properly prepare the soil for planting. 10 days before planting, the old soil is removed, about 10 cm. The layer is replaced with a universal substrate "BIOTECH" "vermicompost" acting as a soil moisture regulator and containing potassium and phosphorus in an easily assimilable form, as well as a large amount of trace elements (magnesium, manganese , iron, sulfur, zinc, molybdenum, etc.). For 1 sq / m, you will need about 40 liters of substrate. For planting seedlings in open ground, the universal substrate "BIOTECH" "vermicompost" is applied directly to the soil. The scheme for planting tomatoes depends on the variety, and the method of plant formation. Better to do planting in the evening after a warm day. Before planting, the tomatoes are watered abundantly, then small holes (10-15 cm) are dug into each - 1 liter of the universal substrate "BIOTECH" "vermicompost" and poured with a liquid solution "BIOTECH" (100 g of fertilizer per 10 liters of water). This promotes better development of the first flower cluster. Transplant tomato seedlings into greenhouses or open ground with their earthen clod down to the lower leaves. For convenience, you can fill the recess with mortar. Compact the soil a little and cover it with soil. Before disembarking, you need to install a garter device on each bush


4th Stage: Vegetable top dressing. The water temperature must always be between + 20 ° C .. + 22 ° C. Water only in the morning - this is the only way to prevent the formation of excess moisture. The first vegetative top dressing is done for the first time 14 days after planting. Liquid BIOTECH fertilizer should be diluted with water (100 g of fertilizer per 10 liters of water). Before flowering at a temperature of + 16 ° C .. + 17 ° C, seedlings should be watered every 5 days with 5 liters of solution for each sq / m. For each irrigation - 50 g of BIOTECH liquid fertilizer per 5 liters of water. During the flowering period before the beginning of fruit formation (necessary for the formation of good ovaries) at a temperature of + 19 ° C + 21 ° C (this amount increases to 15 liters of solution per sq / m). (150 g of fertilizer per 15 liters of water). During the period of mass fruiting - to accelerate the ripening of fruits and enhance their taste. (250 g of fertilizer per 25 liters of water). It is done 2-3 times a week. We offer modern technology for growing vegetables and berries in greenhouses all year round. By replacing a 20 cm soil layer with a universal substrate "BIOTECH" "vermicompost" or by sprinkling a layer of the same thickness on top, thereby warming the soil. The effect is achieved due to the heat-insulating properties of the substrate, which will maintain the optimal temperature for the roots of plants and nourish the heated soil with all the necessary micro and macro elements. It is also imperative to maintain a constant air temperature of + 22 ° C .. + 24 ° C.


In this way, vegetables and berries can be grown in winter.

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