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Treatment of seedlings and soil before planting: The seedlings are planted with a distance of at least 3-4 meters between them. The size of the planting pits depends on the root system, usually a hole with a diameter of 60-80 cm is prepared. The depth is at least 40-60 cm. Before planting, 10 liters. universal substrate "BIOTECH" "vermicompost" containing a biostimulator of growth, directly to the bottom of the planting pit. Just before planting, the roots are soaked in a liquid solution "BIOTECH" to enrich them with micro- and macroelements in an easily accessible form, increase immunity to pests, and get an additional impulse for growth. Immediately after planting, the tree is watered with liquid BIOTECH fertilizer in the ratio of 1 liter of fertilizer to 50 liters of water. Thus, watering the seedling is an important factor on which the future health of the tree depends. In autumn, before wintering, we recommend fertilizing the soil with a universal substrate "BIOTECH" "vermicompost" containing the whole range of micro and macro elements, around the trunk within a radius of 20 cm from it, with a substrate thickness of 5-7 cm. This measure will have a beneficial effect on the roots of the seedlings (heat retention and moisture for better wintering). Thus, during the entire winter period, we supply the tree with all the necessary nutrients. We recommend that this procedure be carried out before each wintering, increasing the radius as the roots and trunk of the tree increase (by 5-10 cm), while simultaneously increasing the layer of the universal substrate. Dose: for root soaking - 1 liter of liquid BIOTECH fertilizer for 10 liters - 15 liters of water. Leave on for 30 minutes - 3 hours. Watering seedlings for 2-3 years. For a seedling up to 3 years old, watering should be carried out directly to the roots of the tree. Feeding plums is primarily aimed at maintaining immunity. The root system of the plum forms slowly, therefore it needs nutrients for successful rooting and rapid growth. For spraying soil - 1 liter of liquid fertilizer per 50 liters of water. It contains nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus in an easily assimilable form. Nitrogen - stimulates the growth of shoots and promotes the accumulation of green mass, is responsible for immunity. Potassium - affects the number of ovaries and their preservation on the branches. Phosphorus - affects the root system. 3 years after planting, when the tree has gained strength, has strengthened and is ready for the first flowering, in the fall it is necessary to start a set of activities. And from the 4th year it is worth carrying out a complete shallow loosening of the soil and adding the necessary dose of organic universal substrate "BIOTECH" "vermicompost".


It is worth watering the plums regularly, the soil must be moist. The first spring feeding with liquid BIOTECH fertilizer is carried out when at least 50% of the leaf apparatus is ripe. 1 liter of liquid fertilizer per 100 liters of water. Young trees require about 60 liters of water per watering. We recommend to carry out the process by spraying foliage, tree bark. The number of leaf treatments is from 4 to 6, the interval between treatments is 7-10 days. We recommend carrying out the process in cool and calm weather, in the morning or in the evening. Foliar top dressing - caring for an adult fruiting tree. Mature trees require high-quality care of their crown, moreover, the regulation of its growth facilitates the removal of fruits, increases the yield of plums. Rejuvenating pruning is best done in the spring, when buds appear, those branches where there are many buds are cut by a quarter, where the buds are less awakened - a third of the branch is cut, and where there are very few of them, half of the branch is cut, such stress is useful for the tree for great awakening and fruiting. In the spring, before the buds swell, it is necessary to spray the tree with chemicals and until the fruits ripen, make sure that parasites do not start again. Top dressing is carried out in parallel with other measures that are aimed at protecting the tree from diseases and rodents. In this case, BIOTECH liquid fertilizer can be used together with fungicides, insecticides, herbicides and pesticides. If there are no prescriptions in the regulations of these drugs. Top dressing protects the tree from the invasion of rodents, insects and pests, increasing resistance to disease. In the spring, the main goal is to stimulate the filling of fruits. For this, the foliage and trunk are sprayed with a solution containing micro and macro elements. It is recommended to water the plum before noon and after 6:00 pm to avoid damaging the roots. Thus, in caring for a plum, you must regularly follow simple rules, remember the features and pay attention to the condition of the fruit tree in time. Dose: for foliar feeding - 1 liter of liquid fertilizer per 100 liters of water. Observing all stages of the prescription, you can get an increase in yield from 10 to 20%.

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