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Winter wheat


This fertilizer should be processed in autumn, early spring and during the period when the plants enter the tube and heading.


1st Stage: When dressing seeds before sowing. Germination increases by 10-12%.  Sowing seeds is done in early autumn. Use high quality seeds for sowing. Seed dressing takes place immediately before application. Simultaneously with the treatment with insecticides and fungicides, we recommend using the liquid fertilizer "BIOTECH" containing the whole range of micro- and macroelements and salts of humic acids providing moisture retention, thereby increasing the immunity of seeds and their energy. This will give an additional boost to seed growth and germination. Dose for dressing: for 1 ton of seeds, 2l - 3l "BIOTECH" are used.


2nd Stage: Application of fertilizer to the soil before sowing. Increases productivity by 5-8%. Top dressing in the soil will have a good effect on plant growth, promotes better tillering of winter wheat, the development of secondary roots in it, the accumulation of carbohydrates in the cellular sap of plants, and will increase immunity to diseases. As a result, it will effectively affect the improvement of grain quality. Top dressing is carried out before cultivation. After cultivation, the soil air is enriched with oxygen. The working solution is prepared immediately before application. Consumption per 1 ha is 5l - 6l "BIOTECH" for 400l - 500l of water. Spraying is better in the morning or in the evening, for better absorption into the soil.


3rd Stage: Autumn foliar feeding. Increases yield and quality by 4-7%. It is sprayed at the stage of 3-5 leaves, at the beginning of tillering. In this phase, the best results are obtained by joint feeding, mineral and organic fertilizers. Fertilizing with BIOTECH liquid solution will provide water retention and saturate the soil with easily assimilated nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and molybdenum. It will also protect the plant from harmful microflora and prepare it for wintering. The working solution is prepared immediately before application. For 1 hectare: 8 l-10 l of liquid fertilizer for 400-500 l of water. Spray in the morning or evening at a temperature of min. + 8 ° C max. + 20 ° C.


4th Stage: First spring foliar feeding. Will increase the yield by 5-7%. It will help to restore biological processes inside the plant, strengthen root nutrition. It is sprayed in early spring, after the snow has melted, when the soil temperature is at least +5 ° C. Night temperature is not lower than + 1 ° C. At this stage, micro and macro elements are absorbed 10 times more efficiently during foliar feeding. The plant receives a stimulus for growth after wintering, and is removed from hibernation. Immunity is strengthened, moisture is retained. For 1 hectare: 8 l-10 l of liquid fertilizer for 500 l of water. Spray in the morning or evening at a temperature of min. + 8 ° C max. + 20 ° C.


5th Stage: Second spring foliar feeding. Increases productivity by 4-7%. A good time to apply herbicides. In this case, fertilizers can be used in conjunction with herbicides as they work as an anti-stress agent. If there are no caveats in the herbicide regulations. In the spring, 6-7 months after sowing, a phase of active plant growth begins, and the daily nutrient requirements increase as the biomass increases. During this period, the most essential basic elements are: nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, sulfur and magnesium. Top dressing will benefit the developing lateral stems, by means of sulfur, which takes part in the synthesis, in the formation and transport of carbohydrates (sugars) and magnesium, which regulates the water balance in the cells, activates plant respiration, which, as a result, reduces the stress effect of herbicides. Per 1 ha: 8-10 liters of liquid BIOTECH fertilizer per 500 liters of water. Spraying with a solution is recommended in the morning or in the evening at a temperature not exceeding + 20 ° C.


6th Stage: The third spring feeding (high quality). Yield increase by 4-7%. The last dressing affects the level of the yield, and more on the quality of the grain. The respiration of plants is intensified, the consumption of carbohydrates, as a result of which the accumulation of protein in the grain and gluten increases. In this phase, the plant is very much in need of nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium, sulfur and magnesium. By means of sulfur and magnesium, the process of formation and transportation of carbohydrates is activated, as well as the water balance in the cells is regulated, which is what the plant needs most. Per 1 ha: 8L - 10L of liquid BIOTECH fertilizer for 400L - 500L of water, depending on the soil quality.


It is better to spray with a solution in the morning or in the evening at a temperature not exceeding + 20 ° C. Since the plant in this case assimilates the fertilizer better.

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