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Spring wheat


This fertilizer can be used for soil treatment in autumn or spring. Foliar dressing is carried out in the spring (beginning of tillering), the emergence of plants into the tube and heading.


1st Stage: When dressing seeds before sowing. Germination increases by 10-12%. Sowing seeds is done in early spring when the soil retains enough moisture to ensure seed germination. The best sowing method is narrow-row. Seed dressing takes place immediately before application. Simultaneously with etching with insecticides and fungicides. The dressing together with the liquid fertilizer "BIOTECH" will increase the immunity and energy of the seeds, while the salts of humic acids will provide moisture retention. The seeds directly receive nutrients, which in the first periods (before the formation of the primary root system) is extremely important, since the seeds feed from their own resources, and getting into the fertilized soil, the result is enhanced, and a favorable microflora is formed for strong development. Germination and vernalization are improved. The quality of the grain is improved. For the treatment of 1 ton of seeds, 2-3 liters of "BIOTECH" are used for 10-15 liters of water.


2nd Stage: Application of fertilizer to the soil before sowing. Increases productivity by 5-8%. Top dressing in the soil will contribute to better tillering of spring wheat, the development of secondary roots in it, the accumulation of carbohydrates in the cellular sap of plants, as well as increase immunity to diseases. In the first phases of growth, the intake of micro and macronutrients occurs most intensively. Phosphorus - is necessary to improve the structure of the soil as well as for the absorption of nitrogen by cereals, magnesium - affects the transport of energy, participates in the process of photosynthesis, is responsible for the movement and assimilation of phosphorus, sulfur - increases the resistance of plants to diseases and pests, boron - activates enzymes, manganese - takes part in oxidative processes, potassium - regulates nitrogen and phosphorus nutrition, and salts of humic acids provide moisture retention. Top dressing is carried out before cultivation. After cultivation, soil aeration improves. For 1 hectare: 5 l-6 l fertilizer for 400-500 l of water. The working solution is prepared immediately before application. Spray with a solution before cultivation in the morning or evening.


3rd Stage: Seedlings and the first foliar feeding. Increase in yield by 4-7%. Spraying is carried out at the stage of 3-5 leaves (beginning of tillering). Spring wheat gives high yields with a good supply of micro and macro elements in the period from the beginning of tillering to the end of the tube. This is helped by elements in a light soluble form: nitrogen, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, salts of humic acids that provide moisture retention, molybdenum and a growth biostimulator. Top dressing is aimed at the development of the stem and the development of the nodal ones, and will also contribute to an increase in the spike rod. For 1 hectare: 8-10 liters of fertilizer for 400-500 liters of water. Spray in the morning or evening min. + 8 ° C max. + 20 ° C.


4th Stage: Second foliar feeding (tube exit). Increase in yield by 4-7%. A good time to apply herbicides. In this case, fertilizers can be used in conjunction with herbicides, since the liquid fertilizer "BIOTECH" works as an antistress agent. If there are no caveats in the herbicide regulations. The daily nutrient requirement increases as biomass increases. During this period, the most essential basic elements are: nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, sulfur and magnesium. Top dressing will benefit the developing lateral stems, increase photosynthesis, the formation and transport of carbohydrates (sugars), stimulate plant respiration, and reduce stress after using herbicides. Consumption of 8-10 liters of liquid BIOTECH fertilizer per hectare per 500 liters of water. Spray in the morning or evening min. + 8 ° C max. + 20 ° C.


5th Stage: The third foliar dressing (quality). Yield increase by 4-7%. Top dressing affects the level of the yield, and more on the quality of the grain. The respiration of plants is intensified, the consumption of carbohydrates, as a result of which the accumulation of protein in the grain and gluten increases. In this phase, the plant is very much in need of nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium, sulfur and magnesium. With the help of sulfur and magnesium, the process of the formation and transport of carbohydrates is activated, as well as the water balance in the cells is regulated, which is what the plant needs most. Consumption of 8-10 liters of liquid fertilizer "BIOTECH" per hectare for 400 liters - 500 liters of water, depending on the soil.


It is better to spray with a solution in the morning or in the evening at a temperature not exceeding + 20 ° C. Since the plant in this case assimilates the fertilizer better.

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